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Product Description

- Save power resources.
- Protect the environment.
- Surge protection.
- To improve the power factor.
- Stable current,balanced current.
- Protective appliances and prolong the service life of the electric appliances.
How It Works:
-Intelligent Power Saver is the use of strong and weak complementary power-saving principle and energy-saving practice, mutual restraint, the current flow balance, stabilize the voltage, improve the power factor, fully absorb the invalid current, make full use of energy, reduce line losses.
Technical Parameters:
- Work Rate Voltage: 90-250V.
- Work Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ.
- Working Temperature: -10 cantigrade to 60 cantigrade
Installation Procedure:
- Plug this device into a wall socket, not an extension cord or multiple socket and switch on the unit.
- When you see 1 red-LED light turn on,the unit has started saving electricity.
- Install one power saver to each phase.
Panel Designed: Aluminium
Controller: Yes
Color: Silver
Switch: A switch control
Digital display: With digital display voltage
Size: 112mm x 63mm x 40mm
Function: Energy saving
Plug Specifications:  US
Amp Saving Rate: 10% to 35%
Package Include:
1 x Power Saver
1 x Plug
2 x Fuse

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